Nellie's NDB-E Dryer Balls, Regular Fabrics

Fabric Softener
Fluffing is natural with Nellie's Dryer Balls. The non-toxic, allergy-free way to soften fabrics, the bumpy dryer balls massage your laundry's fibers to make everything from your jeans to your sheets soft and fluffy. Eliminating so many chemicals from the process, the low-tech and highly effective little wonders leave no worries about airborne irritants and toxins given off by fabric softeners in clothes. And they're safer because fabric softeners leave an oil coating on clothes, take the fire retardant out of Baby's clothes, and leave a sticky residue on the dryer's components, rendering it more prone to fire. Savvy for time- and money-savers, too, the Dryer Balls lift and separate clothes to reduce lint, static cling, wrinkles and ironing time, and circulate the air in the dryer more efficiently to save you 10 minutes to a half hour of drying time on each load. (Although the dollars you save in fabric softener may be more noticeable at first.) The pack contains 2 PVC balls, which should both be put in the dryer and are made for regular fabrics. Imported. Each ball: approx. 3-1/2Lx2-1/2W".

Softens fabrics naturally
Makes towels more absorbent
Reduces drying time up to 25%
Saves time and money
Non Toxic, uses no chemicals